Selling your yacht

If you want to part with your yacht, then De Valk is a logical choice. Selling a yacht is an extremely intensive process that requires a great deal of time and attention. De Valk has the people and the resources, the knowledge and the skills to achieve successful results.

Every media and resource
If you sell your yacht through De Valk, then it will be presented to potential buyers in a number of ways. In the first place, it will be placed in our own database with information on many thousands of (potential) customers. If there is no immediate match, then your yacht will be featured on one of the most important sources of information for people interested in buying a yacht: our website. Every day we receive hundreds of hits and their number continues to grow. We also place your yacht on all the other important international sites. In addition, we draw attention to your yacht in our own Yacht Magazine and De Valk advertises in the national and international yachting publications.

We will also represent you when we participate in important boat shows, from the HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show to Dusseldorf and from Antibes to Monaco. Finally, we share the information on your yacht with all other leading yacht brokers in the world.

Yacht Magazine is published two times a year and has a circulation of 35,000 copies. It brings your yacht to the attention of potential buyers and brokers: through the letterbox, but also at boat shows and through our own offices. Our address file is continuously maintained so that it is always up-to-date.

Where can your yacht be seen?
Naturally, it will be shown in our media and at our offices in the Netherlands, Spain and France. Wherever we go, we always have information and images of your yacht and we present it to potentially interested buyers. Of course, anyone who shows a real interest will also want to see the yacht. Wherever your yacht is, we will be happy to travel there with a potential prospect. Alternatively, you could consider mooring your yacht in one of our own marinas.

Your yacht in our marina
Every month, our own partially covered marinas in the Netherlands attract many hundreds of visitors. They come from near and far with a single objective: they are looking for a yacht. Your ship will receive excellent care in our marinas where interested parties can view it, albeit supervised by our own staff. Transporting your yacht to one of our marinas need not be a cause for concern; De Valk can take care of that for you.

Custom reporting
Your broker takes care of the promotion of your ship, organizes tours, checks whether the asking price is realistic and holds negotiations. You do not need to become involved, but you can if you want. We will provide you with reports that are as detailed as you want. For example, regular progress reports or a notification when a serious offer has been made.

Complete process
Once a price has been agreed, there is still a lot to do. Contracts must be drawn up and in general, an inspection is needed. There are financial, legal and tax issues to arrange, often with a foreign party. With almost fifty-six years of experience, you can rely on De Valk to take the paperwork off your hands.