Pekka Hyttinen | Finland


I will recommend De Valk for every boat buyer.

I will recommend De Valk for every boat buyer.

After I made a desicion to buy a sailboat, it was almost immediately clear that there is the best availability of suitable boats in the Netherlands.

De Valk popped up quite soon when searching through internet using google amongst several other sites. De Valk site was looking thrustworthy and professional and this really convinced me.

Moreover, they had the boat I was (among some others) looking for, so I made an e-mail inquiry for that. They responded almost immediately, and after a preliminary offer about the boat (which Mr Hans Visser accepted) I arranged a visit to the Netherlands to see the boat.

Mr Hans Visser had arranged a professonal boat inspector on site, as we requested, and after a thorough inspection and test sailing, with minor defects promised to repair, I decided to buy this boat.

Moreover, Hans arranged some extra repairs that I thought were necessary, at my cost.
He even contacted an insurance company to make an offer for us.

In a couple of months, we exchanged tens of e-mails, including De Valk secretary Mrs Wiebrig Lageveen informing us about the success of payments,so I was all the time aware about the situation. We sent as well some 150 kgs of equipment to De Valk beforehand, which was completely ok, and we got informed about them arriving on site.

We are soon flying to the Netherlands to pick up our boat and to sail it home, and according to Mr Visser it is all okay and even cleaned and washed for us.

So far I am more than satisfied, it´s hard to imagine which thing De Valk could have done better.
According to my experience, I will recommend De Valk for every boat buyer, and if I have ever to buy an other one, it will be buyed from De Valk.

Best regards

Pekka Hyttinen