Sell in Holland

Unique selling opportunity for yachts between 10 and 16 meters lying in the Mediterranean
De Valk Yacht Brokers has the answer. In our experience a yacht between 10 and 16 metres in length is much easier to sell in Holland. There is a far greater demand for boats of this size in Northern Europe and you’re likely to get a much better price.

That's all well and good, but how do I get my yacht to Holland?
De Valk has the solution for this problem too! We are now able to offer a unique service to transport your yacht from the Mediterranean to one of our sales marinas in Holland. The transport costs only need to be paid after 3 months. Once there, you pay no charges for mooring, in our sales marinas.

But yacht transportation is expensive isn't it?
No, we've negotiated a special deal with experienced shipping companies. Thanks to the higher prices in Northern Europe, there's a good chance you'll still end up better off than having sold in the Med. So let us bring your yacht to where the buyers are and then take care of the sale on your behalf

What are the criteria for this offer?
To qualify for De Valk's Sell in Holland Service, your yacht should:

  • be berthed in the Mediterranean;
  • have a length of between 10 and 16 metres;
  • not be older than ten years;
  • have a value of at least 75,000 euros.

A summary of the benefits:

  • higher sales prices achieved in Northern Europe;
  • wide range of potential buyers via De Valk's network;
  • free mooring in one of the five De Valk sales marinas in Holland;
  • peace of mind and security for your yacht;
  • yacht maintenance available at minimal cost;
  • excellent insurance options.

How do I proceed?
Contact your nearest De Valk office to make an appointment with one of our brokers. Your yacht will be transported by companies with enormous expertise in shipping yachts around Europe. Why delay? Contact your nearest De Valk office today and let us sell your yacht in the most professional way possible.