Let us give you a helping hand, by checking on your yacht.

Worried about your yacht far away?

We understand and gladly offer a helping hand during these difficult times.

Let us check on your yacht, for free.
With so many restrictions on travel between and within countries, you may be wondering how your precious yacht is doing? There's already enough to worry about at the moment so let us give you a helping hand if we can.

If your yacht is berthed near to one of our offices anywhere in Europe, a De Valk broker will be pleased to visit her, take stock and report back to you.

How it works.
The local broker will travel to the marina to visit your yacht and check that she is properly moored. Our broker will also look over the outside and see if there are any potential issues or anything unusual. We will take several pictures and report back to you.

We can offer this option for all yachts above 12 metres in length (and even smaller in some circumstances if close by). Our aim here is to simply be of service in these challenging times and to give you some peace of mind about your boat.

Please be aware that we will uphold local or national guidelines with regards to travel due to the coronavirus.

Fill in the form below and we will contact you. Needless to say you can also give us a call.

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