Jaana and Raina Pilvinen | Finland


We felt we were always welcome.

We felt we were always welcome.

Regardas from Finland. We were looking my husband and I for some time to a larger sailboat. We have four grown children and three grandchildren who all keep sailing. My husband works in the boating industry as an expert in a large insurance company. He found us comfortably boats online De Valk site. He also knew a man in the field, the De Valk activities can trust.We have gone a few times in Holland and we have been treated really great. We want to give to Johan Nooitgedagt full marks for good and courteous service. We felt we were always welcome. Also Marinus Hooghiemstra who has taken care of our boat has been really friendly and helpful to us. our summer vacation begins 7.6.14 and then we fly to the Nederlands and Hindeloopen to get our new boat to Finland.

Vacation and sailing home to Finland can begin. Thanks to De Valk for good service. We can recommend De Valk also to others.

Kindly recards
Jaana and Raine Pilvinen