Elizabeth Gooding | USA


Making it a simple and enjoyable process.

Making it a simple and enjoyable process.

In fall of 2016 I flew from the USA to Amsterdam to find a liveaboard motorboat to cruise on the European waterways.  After corresponding with several brokerages, my first stop was the De Valk brokerage in Loosedrecht to meet Michael De Jong, with whom I had exchanged dozens of emails.  I was warmly welcomed and invited to test out the Gillissen Stevensvlet, which I bought. Michael and the expert team at De Valk's Loosedrecht office went out of their way to walk me through the inspection, purchase and survey process.  They advised me on registration, competent boatyards and skilled mechanics.  I ultimately laid up the boat at their clean and efficient marina in Loosedrecht and look forward to beginning my retirement afloat in the Netherlands this spring. Buying a boat overseas can be a daunting process, and I am very grateful to Michael De Jong and the De Valk  team of professionals for making it a simple and enjoyable  process.

Elizabeth Gooding