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Beautiful motor yacht with spacious comfortable interior. The Navetta offers convenience and security for those who what to experience the sea.

Paul Galle
Yacht Broker


Dimensions   18,80 x 5,20 x 1,50 (m)
Material   grp
Built   2012
Engine(s)   2 x CAT 575 diesel
HP/Kw   575 (hp), 422,63 (kw)
Lying   contact Palma
Sales office   De Valk Palma
Status   for sale
Vat   not paid
Asking price   € 1.500.000

General - NAVETTA G19

The boat will be certified CE-A.
The hull will be in reinforced fibreglass polyester isoftalic of the best quality.
In order to avoid osmosis problems the first two layers of fibreglass will be done with vinylester resin
(resin completely waterproof).
The hull will be reinforced inside by means of a grid of longitudinal and transversal reinforce called
girders and frames. This structures will be used also for the construction of the structural tanks of
fresh water, grey waters and seawage waters improving the strenghtness of the hull.
The deck and the hard top will be done in reinforced fibreglass with a core foam (sandwich). The
sandwich gives rigidity to the surface of the deck without improving its weight and in addition gives a
good insulation against the noise, heat and condense.

The cockpit and the aft platform are covered with solid teak wood.


The furniture is made according to the GA drawings.
The finishings shall be agreed together with the owner (fabbrics, colours, woods, pillows etc.).
Anyway the interior decoration will follow a superior standard as shown in the pictures.
The ceiling are uphoIstered in Sky.
The top of the bathrooms and kitchen shall be in Corian at choice from the catalogue.
The floors shall be covered with a carpet, except for the bathrooms and galley where the wood
shall be used.
The crew cabin shall have the same finition of the rest of the boat.
The kitchen shall be equipped with the following accessories:
- Fan
- Ceramic cooking plate 4 burners
- Sink in stainless steel
- Oven
- Fridge + Freezer 250 Lt

Oval portholes in stainless steel and safety glass with storm shields in stainless steel.
Fixed large windows located in the owner cabins.
Windows in safety glass.
Rear saloon door in two sectors, one is sliding.

Structural fibreglass tank for 1.200 Lt
Fresh water inlet located on the aft of the boat
Fresh water pumps
Piping in PVC
Water heater 60 Lt

- Each toilet mod. "Saninautico" is totally independent from the others and very silent.
- A structural Seawage tank is fitted on the bottom of the hull, owner has the possibility to send the
exhaust water to the tank or directly to the sea. To pump out the tank a 'black water pump' is
fitted, it is possible to pump out the tank directly to the sea or to the pier.
- The toilet can be used either with sea water or fresh water

The air conditioning is fan coil type, the two main compressors are located in the engine room and
each cabin has one or more fancoil depend on its size. The total refrigerating capacity of the plant
is 100.000 BTU, the fancoil are located in order to avoid condensate water leaks and noise.

In each independent watertight compartment is located a floating sensor connected to the alarm
board on the pilot console.

The lights inside are located in a way to give the sufficient illumination to each room and they are
of marine type.
Courtesy lights are installed on the perimeter of the superstructure , and one search light 500W is
installed on the radar arch.


The engines can be chose between a range from 575 Hp and 800 Hp.
The reduction gear is installed in line on the engine and usually have a ratio 2,6 : 1.
Cruising speed: 10 knots
Maximum speed: 14 knots
- fixed blade propellers
- shafts in stainless steel DIAM 60 mm
- shaft seals
- bronze shaft support
- Bow thruster

The exhaust are convoyed under the water line, an atmosphere exhaust is fitted for when the
boat is in idle condition or going back.
The pipes are built in stainless steel and fiberglass with joints in special homologated rubber

The insulation is made with two lay of high density rockwool with interposed sheet of lead 6/10 mm,
in order to have the best insulation against heat and noise.

The engine room is ventilated by means of two reversible fans of a capacity 20 % higher that what
required by the engine supplier

The plant is made according to the ISO rules and to the R.I.Na register, with power supply 220 V
50 Hz for AC (supplying air conditioning, rectifiers, kitechen etc.) and 24V cc. For the lights,
pumps, toilets etc.
a) Circuits 220 Volt
b) Plant 220V - 50Hz monophase, supplied by a shore power or by one generator 16 Kw, the plant
is equipped with a manual commuter in order to maintain separate the two systems.
All outputs are protected by suitable circuit breakers.
b) Circuits 24 Volt
- group of batteries 400 Ah for engines start
- group of batteries 800 Ah for service
- Rectifier 100 Ah service batteries
- rectifier 60 Ah for engines batteries
- alternators driven vy main engines 100 Ah each
c) circuits 12 Volt N.1 battery 80Ah for generator start
- Converter from 24V to 12V for electronics

It is installed one generator 16 Kw Northern Light.
The power is calculated in a away that one generator can supply the necessary amount of
power for all users.
The generator is equipped with a sound shield box and gas/water separator in order to
assure the maximum noise reduction.

Each output is protected by circuit breakers installed on switch boards.
The switchboards are located close as much as possible to the user in a way to reduce
power waste.
The panels to control the navigation equipment (navigation lights, horn, wipers etc) is
located in the pilothouse. In the same are are installed the instruments to check the
electric condition of the plants (voltmeters, amperometers etc)


- Ecosound
- Autopilot connected to GPS
- GPS with colour plotter
- Radar
- screen 11" on the pilotconsole, screen 11" on fly

- VHF double station

HI-FI plant in the saloon connected to the TV (dolby)
TV 32" in the saloon
Antenna TV digital


All the equipment is installed according to the rules of Rina Naval Register
- emergency bilge hand pump
- submersible bilge pump with automatic floating switch and high water level allarm transmitted
on the pilot house console. ( One each watertight compartment ).Each pump is doubled with a
back up pump of same charactheristics
- powder fire fighting handle bottle
Fixed fire extinguisher in the engine room with shut off system for air ventilation and fuel.
Each ambience is equipped with a smoke sensor and a main board is installed in the pilothouse to
give the alarm in case of necessity.

- Electric windlass 2000 W with barbottin for a 100 Mt chain 12 mm
- Capstan 1000 W on the cockpit
- Swim ladder manual

- suspended rudders in the propeller flow
- Elettroydraulic servoassisted steering pump
- Autopilot mod. FURUNO or RAYTHEON
- Steering wheel on the pilot console
- Emergency bar
- Piping in copper
- Hydraulic cylinder in the lazzerete


These particulars are given in good faith as supplied but cannot be guaranteed and cannot be used for contracts.

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