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Broker's comments

A rare opportunity to acquire a fully customized Van de Stadt 48 model Tasman hull. She was built complete with integrated tanks and with the use of moulds to avoid the need to make changes to the hull or deck along the way. It is a raised decksaloon with an interior on several levels. Once ready it will be a pleasure to live on board, something seriously underestimated on long distance passages. Due to the different levels a minimum headroom is always available.


Maße   14,70 x 4,50 x 2,20 (m)
Material   gfk
Baujahr   2002
Motor(en)   0 x not available Diesel
PS/KW   0 (PS), 0 (KW)
Liegeplatz   beim Verkaufsburo
Verkaufsinformationen   De Valk Hindeloopen
Status   verkauft
MwSt   bezahlt

Allgemeines - VAN DE STADT 48 CASCO

A foam-sandwich laminate. The sandwich consists of core-cell foam, a new ridgid elastic material that helps bringing down the total weight and at the same time is an extremely well insulating material for the warm climate the boat is intended to sail in. She is custom built at Waal Yachtbouw in close cooperation with Hans Korner from Van De Stadt design and Al Horsman, the senior naval architect at ATC chemical corporation, the manufacturers of core-cell. The red line in the cooperation between the three was to built a strong but light boat under ABS regulations. The result is a superb high quality yacht. Keel and rudder have not been built yet. Available for immediate delivery with a white painted hull. An extremely fair finished product thanks to the CAM manufactured hull and deck moulds. Finished, the displacement will be around 15,5 tons with a 6,1 ton ballast keel. Her hull was vacuum-bagged with epoxy sandwich 80kg/cu.m desity core cell total 32 mm thick. Outside laminate desity 1,8 kg/m2 uwl 2,7 kg/m2
Inside laminate density 1,2 kg/m2 uwl 2 kg/m2, keel area reinforced solid laminate of 4.000 x 1.200 x 25 mm thick, integrated tanks, frames and floors all vacuum-bagged wet epoxy foam core. For the topsides:
25 mm core cell vacuum-bagged sandwich made in a mould. Outside laminate with a density of 2,0 kg/m2 and inside a density of 1,6 kg/m2 was aplied. All stress areas have a high density core of 200 kg/cu. m. The saloon is made of 50-70 mm foam core sandwich construction with seamless integration of all recesses and attachment points. All Boomsma deckhatches already in place.


Interior plans are available, but to some extend a more customized interior layout is still possible. If requested, also a charter version layout would still be possible, and these drawings are obtainable from Van de Stadt design. In the present plans a 3 position steering layout was designed for added comfort.
The size of the yacht makes it possible to even finish here where her own accomodation can serve as a workshop. The design shows a headroom of apprxox 1,93 m in the deckhouse and owners cabin. An astonishing 2,25 m is possible in the aft cabin. The layout offers space for 3 or 4 cabins with a total of 8 or 10 berths.


The engine mounts are fully integrated in the hull construction, the same way as the tanks. All tanks fitted with inspection manholes and all tanks made large enough to enable substantial long distance offshore cruising. Her fuel capacity is 700 ltr., her water capacity is 1.000 ltr. and her sump tank can hold 200 ltr. all the tanks have a 3-layer of grey coat for protection. Due to the chosen materials and construction method the yacht is approx. 1.000 kg lighter than the same boat built in GRP woodcore.


This can best be done once the vessel is near to its completion, but plans and estimates are available


Fully integrated deckhatches for all the lockers from the deck. The deckhouse is not closed by means of temporary plating.


Rigging and fittings can easily be done anywhere in the world, but since she is already in Holland, a renown centre of yachtbuilders and craftmanship, the choice is yours. She is designed for a mastheight above the waterline of 23,3 m and a sail area of 118,6 m2 up wind on her fractional rig.
The mast area is reinforced solid laminate of 800 x 600 x 25 mm.


Obwohl wir uns der Richtigkeit, Vollständigkeit und Aktualität unserer Informationen größte Sorgfalt widmen, können aus den Informationen keine Rechtsansprüche abgeleitet werden.

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