Doggersbank 502 verkauft


Baujahr: 1972
Material: Stahl
Maße: 13,10 x 4,05 x 1,20 m
Verkauft in: 2015

Charming classic Dutch motor yacht from the famous Doggersbank range by Dick Boon. Easy access decks with side openings in sea railing. Exterior has been completely overhauled with new paint, recent teak deck etc. With bow and sternthruster very easy to manoeuvre. With twin 100hp diesels this motor yacht is very economical and safe while cruising. mehr Details


Baujahr: 1981
Material: Stahl
Maße: 13,15 x 3,90 x 1,30 m
Verkauft in: 2005

Dutch steel motoryacht, seagoing (also suitable for the european inland waterways).
Very strong hull built in 1981. She is well maintained, sturdy with charming lines, and had lots of upgradings.
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