Support with your yacht purchase

Purchase assistants

We have a pretty amazing selection of yachts for sale via De Valk, with something for almost everybody. But what happens if..
• You  fall in love with a yacht which is for sale via another broker that (literally or metaphorically) doesn’t speak your language?
• You discover your dream boat and it’s only being offered by a private individual whom you know nothing about?
• You’re interested in a yacht that is located abroad and have no idea how the processes work in that country?
De Valk still has the answer in the form of our partners at Boatwish.
We teamed up with and recommend Boatwish in order that De Valk clients looking to buy from a third party can still benefit from the type of dedicated sales advice and valuation services that we normally provide.
Boatwish is an independent purchase broker of pre-owned and new yachts with 25 years of international experience. Boatwish and De Valk have combined our joint knowledge and networks to provide you with first-class support when considering buying a yacht listed with a different broker than De Valk or directly from the owner
Boatwish will ensure that you receive proper guidance, from finding the right boat, viewing, evaluation and negotiating right down to the sales agreement and use of the De Valk escrow account. In other words, Boatwish will take all the work out of your hands and ensure everything runs smoothly. Just like working with De Valk!

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