There is a good chance that we already have your ideal yacht

Buying a yacht at De Valk

At De Valk you will find an up-to-date supply of hundreds of yachts. So there is a good chance that we already have your ideal yacht.

If you are looking for something unique, then you can commission us to find it for you. After an intake meeting at which we discuss your wishes and needs, we start our search. We get in touch with all our contacts to assess the range on offer in your preferred category.

If we find a yacht that suits you, we do our best to find out as much as possible. For example, we determine it's origin and try to uncover as much history as possible. We can arrange a survey for you, in order to obtain extra certainty on the yacht's condition. Furthermore, we can support you during price negotiations, assessment of the sales contract and with every other conceivable financial, legal or tax issue.

Yachts come from all over the place and sail under the most exotic flags. That is why it is important to study the history and to check the official registers. As a licensed broker, De Valk has online access to these registers, which allows us to check all the important details. For example, we can determine the tax status of the ship and see if it is serving as collateral in any respect.