Why we think we make the difference

Selling your yacht

Why we think we make the difference
The buying and selling of a yacht is as much an emotional decision as it is financial. Your boat is a very personal possession, a home on the water, a refuge from the stress of everyday life onshore. How do we know this? Because the people that work at De Valk share your love of sailing.

This is why all our services are geared to ensuring you enjoy your hobby to the max. We mediate between buyers and sellers to strike a deal. We have built up a great deal of experience through the sale of thousands of yachts, and everyone at De Valk believes in complete transparency, security and reliability.

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Here are a couple of key facts and figures that we think you should know about De Valk:

  • 2,600,000 visits to
  • 165,000 registered customers
  • 7,000 active buyers looking for a yacht
  • 8,200 successful sales transactions
  • 100% reliable financial transactions
  • Over 70 years of experience
  • 40 professional yacht brokers
  • A1 showroom locations
  • Open 7 days a week
  • More than 550 yachts on offer
  • Follow your yacht sale 24/7 via ‘My Account’.

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