Charter at De Valk


Which Yacht
The first thing to consider is what type of yacht you would like to charter; Motor yachts tend to be faster and more comfortable in terms of space and luxury.  Sailing yachts can still provide equal luxury, are slower and appeal to those looking for a more relaxed pace but with a sense of adventure.

The Charter
Once you have decided upon Motor or Sail you then need to start thinking about:

  • how many guests will be with you;
  • where you would like to cruise;
  • which dates and how long for;
  • your budget.

We will ask you as many questions as possible and really try to understand what your desires are - this will enable us to choose the right yacht and crew for you and advise you of the best destinations to make your time onboard as pleasing as possible.

The Charter Fee
The charter fee includes the charter of the yacht with it's crew, fully equipped and fully insured. The Charterer (you) will be charged for all other expenses at cost such as, fuel, berthing costs and harbour charges, food and beverages and any other special services that you may request. In order to cover these costs we will require an advanced provisioning allowance (APA) which is 25%-30% of the charter fee.  This is given to the yacht captain prior to the charter to allow for provisioning of the yacht in preparation of the charter. At the end of the charter (and during if requested) the captain will produce full accounts of all expenditure either with a refund of monies not spent or a request for payment if the APA was exceeded.

Upon signature of the contract 50% of the charter fee is paid with the balance and the APA payable one calendar month before commencement of the charter.

Most of our yachts are commercially registered and therefore VAT exempt. However there are some yachts which are subject to VAT and the amount will depend on the port of registration of the yacht and in which country the charter takes place.

We recommend you have a suitable health insurance and that cancellation and curtailment insurance is taken out for unforeseen circumstances that may prevent or cut short your charter.

Yacht crews work very long hours to make the charter a success.  It is customary to offer a gratuity of approximately 10% of the charter fee; obviously this is completely at your discretion.