Zinita for sale

International Rating Class 12 meter

International Rating Class 12 meter

12 meter Class

Built and designed by William Fife III in 1927 as an International Rating Class 12 meter she was the second yacht named "Zinita", the Connel family ordered with William Fife and Mr. Connel was very precise with his instructions.

At the dawn of the 20th Century a new International Rule was proposed, encompassing French, German end British racing rules and creating a uniform style. It was essentially simple, expressed by a formula that added length, beam, girth, sail area and freeboard together in various measures, dividing the result by two to give a simple numerical value. Designers had great freedom to play with the different parameters. Illustrious names like Fife, Herreshof, Burges and Stephens designed the most beautiful racing yachts ever built.
"Fast and Bonny" was Fife's mantra. His mission statement; a yacht that looked good, would sail well. And for over 50 years Fife's yachts won races all over the world. Zinita was sailed to Norway and to Germany after that. In 1991 she was brought to Holland and plans were made to restore her. The particular owner however, took on another challenge and Zinita’s restoration plans were aborted. It would take another 5 years before the meticulous restoration materialized, initiated by its present owners.
The vessel was completely stripped, all fittings and rigging taken off and the interior taken out. The bare hull was sandblasted and dried and only then could be determined what damage was done by ware over a period of 70 years. A "battleplan" was drawn up and in conjunction with De Jager & Simhony Yacht Design, Naval architects and Engineers, she was completely rebuilt. And you will agree that the final result after a 5 years job was worth while going for. She also received a completely new interior to serve owner and crew. A low profile superstructure and skylights were fitted to create more headroom and light below decks. Het interior is a mix of modern and classic materials. Creating a higher level of comfort and luxury for both owner and guests.
Her current owner invested in time and money to bring Zinita to her present condition. Registered as "Ned 1" (formerly K8) she is the only Dutch 12mtr Class yacht to compete in the exclusive and famous Mediterranean 12mtr Regatta Class. She is a lovely and excitingly fast lady which demands attention, but oh so rewarding.
With an active Class organization and the new 12 Meter Class world championships will be held in Flensburg Germany in 2011, Zinita would be an excellent opportunity (both business and private) to participate in this high profile exclusive yacht regatta.
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