Koopmans 48 verkocht


Bouwjaar: 1989
Materiaal: Aluminium
Afmetingen: 14,37 x 3,95 x 2,50 m
Verkocht in: 2016

"Fairway to Freedom" is a shallow draft aluminum Koopmans 48 sailing yacht, well built by De Vries in Lemmer / The Netherlands. This sturdy seagoing yacht can bring you to many places. With her centre board keel you can go shorter routes and find the best anchorages. Rigged with furling sails only , a smart sailing cockpit with hydraulic driven winches, backstay and kicker, makes short handed sailing easy. Well equipped, with recent renewals, ideal for blue water cruising and living aboard. Meer details


Bouwjaar: 1992
Materiaal: Aluminium
Afmetingen: 14,50 x 3,96 x 2,70 m
Verkocht in: 2016

Probably the most acknowledged yacht designer from the Netherlands, Dick Koopmans Sr. designs from first hand experience. He has cruised the world himself, and that shows in his excellent seaworthy designs. With her predominant design features (like sheer line, flush decks, displacement hull, etc), one can instantly recognize these excellent yachts. Meer details


Bouwjaar: 2006
Materiaal: Aluminium
Afmetingen: 14,75 x 4,05 x 1,35 m
Verkocht in: 2009

Beautifull One-off Koopmans Ideal liveaboard also due to her nice decksaloon. Built to the highest standards.

built start in 2001, launched in 2006, CE proof of 2009. Meer details

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