Nicholson 43 verkocht


Bouwjaar: 1986
Materiaal: Polyester
Afmetingen: 14,45 x 4,16 x 1,78 m
Verkocht in: 1997

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Bouwjaar: 1969
Materiaal: Polyester
Afmetingen: 13,20 x 3,50 x 2,10 m
Verkocht in: 2014

Although an exceptionally quick ocean racer, the 43 was found to be surprisingly docile for family cruising. Now the 43 is immensely sought after for its scintillating good looks and well mannered performance. She's kept in a very good condition by current owner. "Winsome"' has been built in 1969 in order of David May, the boss of the Berthon Boat Co at Lymington. Meer details