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About yacht broker De Valk Barcelona

How to find us
De Valk Barcelona operates in Barcelona (Spain) and surrounding region.

Due to the length of the coast and the diversity of the yachts on offer, De Valk Barcelona does not have a fixed location. Instead, we are flexible and operate wherever you need us. This way we are always available to you and your yacht, or whatever yacht you are interested in.
What we can do for you
The team of De Valk Barcelona has comprehensive knowledge of yacht brokerage in the Barcelona region, and benefits from the extensive international network of De Valk which reaches far beyond the Spanish borders.

De Valk Barcelona is specialised in the international sale and marketing of exclusive motor and sailyachts with lengths from approximately 15 metres (50 feet) and up. 

The brokers of De Valk Barcelona are at your service to discuss your purchasing or selling needs in Spain or elsewhere, and will work closely with you to establish the perfect plan of approach.

There’s more…
The Barcelona region has a wealth of mooring locations, including for superyachts, which are often available at competitive prices.

The region also offers many excellent yacht service companies that can upgrade or carry out maintenance on your newly purchased yacht. They can also help you in ensuring that your vessel is in optimal condition for selling.

If you would like more information, De Valk Barcelona is at your service and will bring you in contact with the partner you need.
We can also support you if you are considering purchasing a new yacht or exploring the market, and will happily share our expertise in matters such as yacht management, insurance or transport.

We are here for you!
Are you in the Barcelona region and looking to discuss a possible yacht sale or purchase? You can contact us without obligations. We are at the heart of the watersport market, and offer you professional services at the highest level.

De Valk Barcelona