This Italian shipyard was founded in 1961 in Naples and was originally called Mericraft. The company was engaged in the manufacture of small wooden boats. In 1968 Mericraft moved to the town of Bahia in the west of the Bay of Naples. She changed her name to Cantieridi Baia in 1972 after her purchase by the Capasso family, who had previously been a client of the firm.

The new owners have embarked on a course of changing the boat material, as well as improving production efficiency. In 1977 the revolutionary model, the fiberglass PasciĆ , was introduced and since 1980 all yachts have been made of composite. In 10 years the company has produced 106 models, making a claim to leadership in the Italian yachting industry. The year 1984 was marked by the opening of the first sales office in the USA. Since 1986, in order to meet the needs of growing markets, the shipyard has paid more attention to the production of large outdoor yachts. At present 55% of Cantieridi Baia's production goes to the home market and 45% is exported.

Baia at De Valk

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Baia models for sale:

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Baia Baia