Hunter 33 sold


Built: 2005
Material: GRP
Dimensions: 10,21 x 3,51 x 1,37 m
Sold in: 2019

This Hunter 33 is produced by Hunter Marine, the leader in the North American sailing yachts. Comfortable, easy and safe sailing due to her special B&R rigging, which means without back stay while the spreaders are swept back for support and to allow a lighter mast. This in combination with her beautiful woodwork and the space inside makes the 33 the perfect sailing boat for cruising and blue water sailing. From the first owner! More details


Built: 1992
Material: GRP
Dimensions: 10,16 x 3,33 x 1,37 m
Sold in: 2006

The Hunter 33.5 has ample accommodations below and on deck, Good headroom, two seperate cabins and extra lockers and shelfs (non standard). She has a heavier than the 18 hp standard engine. On deck the layout for the cockpit is nice, has ample space and yet deep enough when sailing offshore. It will be difficult to find a similar 33 footer with the same amount of space and headroom. With her shallow draft keel and easy access bathingplatform an ideal family cruiser as well. More details


Built: 2005
Material: GRP
Dimensions: 10,08 x 3,51 x 1,44 m
Sold in: 2012

Hunter Marines own comment on the 33: "Taking its celebrated hull design from the proven running bottoms of its larger 41- and 44-foot sister ships, the Hunter 33 imparts the best in performance without compromising one inch of interior space, resulting in a top-of-the-line midsize cruiser that has it all. The Hunter 33 is the ultimate cruiser in its size range, featuring world-class accommodations that are second to none pansive. More details

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