Koopmans 42 sold


Built: 1986
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 12,80 x 3,65 x 1,90 m
Sold in: 2016

This ketch rigged yacht is made for long voyages over the oceans, a true bluewatersailer. This is the design philosophy of D. Koopmans Sr. who draw this steel sailingyacht with flushdeck. The current owner and his family finalized there adventures with this yacht and puts her up for sale. More details


Built: 1976
Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: 12,65 x 3,60 x 1,90 m
Sold in: 2007

This fast and comfortable sailing yacht is suitable for long distance sailing and is ready for her next owner. More details


Built: 1981
Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: 12,45 x 3,74 x 1,15 m
Sold in: 2011

Classic deckhouse design by the famous D. Koopmans Sr. As with all his designs, they excel in seaworthiness, cruising performance and safety. This Koopmans is fully equipped for long distance cruising and is ready for a next owner. More details