Contest 48 CS sold!

Team De Valk Hindeloopen sells Contest 48 CS in no time!

Team De Valk Hindeloopen sells Contest 48 CS in no time!

Team De Valk Hindeloopen sells Contest 48 CS in no time

Henk Sijbranda from De Valk Hindeloopen was in the right place at the right time recently and was able to facilitate a remarkably fast sale. A couple of weeks ago he was called by a former De Valk client who was considering selling his rather lovely Contest 48 CS. Due to the current market situation, the owner invited three different brokerage houses to put the boat on their books for one month to see how they would approach the transaction.

Always up for a challenge, Henk said yes and by the Friday we had photographs and specifications upon our website. The following Wednesday a couple came by the De Valk Hindeloopen marina looking specifically for a Swedish built sailing yacht. They had not heard of the Contest yard and were hugely impressed by the images that Henk showed them over a cup of coffee.
Two days later an appointment was made for a viewing and the couple agreed a price with the owner of the Contest 48 CS on the very same evening. A contract was quickly drawn up and signed, and the champagne was uncorked. Within a week the transaction was approved and paid... With a fortnight still to go before the month’s trial was over!
Who else would like to benefit from the extensive De Valk network? We welcome your challenge! For details, contact our Hindeloopen office, Henk Sijbranda T: +31 514 52 40 00 or E-mail: Hindeloopen@devalk.nl.

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