Island Packet

Island Packet Yachts is a world-renowned boat manufacturer that has been crafting quality sailboats since 1979. Founded by Bob Johnson, Island Packet Yachts has become a leader in the sailboat industry, offering a wide range of models that are designed to meet the needs of sailors of all levels. From the classic Island Packet 35 to the luxurious Island Packet 485, Island Packet Yachts has something for everyone.

The history of Island Packet Yachts is one of innovation and dedication to quality. Bob Johnson, the founder of Island Packet Yachts, was a passionate sailor who wanted to create a boat that was both comfortable and seaworthy. He began by designing and building the Island Packet 35, a boat that was designed to be a safe and reliable cruiser. From there, he continued to develop and refine his designs, eventually creating the Island Packet 485, a luxurious and spacious sailboat that is perfect for long-distance cruising.

Today, Island Packet Yachts is still dedicated to creating quality sailboats that are designed to meet the needs of sailors of all levels. Some of the most popular models include the Island Packet 35, Island Packet 380, Island Packet 420, Island Packet 445, Island Packet 485, and the Island Packet 525. Each of these models is designed to provide a comfortable and safe sailing experience, and they are all built with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, Island Packet Yachts has something for you. With a wide range of models and a commitment to quality, Island Packet Yachts is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable sailboat.

Island Packet at De Valk

De Valk Yacht Brokers have several boats of the brand Island Packet for sale. Also, in the past we have sold several Island Packet yachts. 

De Valk is a dedicated yacht broker for Island Packet. Please contact us for selling your yacht.

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