Jongert Yachts: A History of Luxury and Performance

For over a century, Jongert Yachts has been a leader in the luxury yacht industry. Founded in 1916 by Jan Jongert, the Dutch shipyard has been crafting some of the world’s most beautiful and innovative sailing and motor yachts for generations. From the classic lines of the Jongert 20T to the modern elegance of the Jongert 2900M, the shipyard has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and engineering to create vessels that are both luxurious and performance-oriented.

The Jongert 20T is one of the most iconic models from the shipyard. This classic sailing yacht was designed to be both comfortable and fast, and it has become a favorite among experienced sailors. The Jongert 2900M is another popular model, offering a sleek and modern design that is perfect for cruising. The Jongert 3000M is a larger version of the 2900M, offering even more space and luxury.

Jongert Yachts is also known for its innovative engineering. The shipyard has developed a number of unique features, such as the patented “Jongert System”, which allows for easy and efficient sailing. The shipyard also uses advanced materials and construction techniques to ensure that their yachts are built to last.

Today, Jongert Yachts continues to be a leader in the luxury yacht industry. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the shipyard has created a range of vessels that are perfect for both experienced sailors and those just starting out. Whether you’re looking for a classic sailing yacht or a modern motor yacht, Jongert Yachts has something for everyone.

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