Van der Heijden

Van der Heijden Yachts was founded in 1993 by Ronald van der Heijden after finishing his career in the Royal Navy. Since then, the yard, which is still privately owned, has built more than 420 yachts for satisfied customers around the world.

The company is known for the synergy between practical experience and craftsmanship that leads to unparalleled performance. Along with industry-leading styling, Van der Heijden Yachts offers custom or semi-custom yachts that are unique and meet the highest standards. Van der Heijden is always progressive in designing yachts, not only in terms of external appearance, but also below the waterline. This leads to new stunning lines and better, faster, more efficient and stable hulls.

Van der Heijden at De Valk

De Valk Yacht Brokers have several boats of the brand Van der Heijden for sale. Also, in the past we have sold several Van der Heijden yachts. 

De Valk is a dedicated yacht broker for Van der Heijden. Please contact us for selling your yacht.

Van der Heijden Van der Heijden Van der Heijden Van der Heijden