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What we can do for you
Interest in multihulls has grown considerably in recent decades. All over the world, especially in the beautiful cruising areas such as Mediterranean, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean, but also in Northern Europe, the demand for, and use of, multihull yachts is increasing significantly. World travellers have also discovered the mulithull to pursue their dreams.
At De Valk, there is also increasing demand for catamarans and trimarans, to serve these customers well we have brought together an experienced team under the name De Valk Multihull. This team specialises in the sale of sailing and motor catamarans or trimarans in lengths from 30 to 80 feet. The central point of contact is Ger Bayens, a yacht broker with an extraordinary amount of multihull experience. All this makes De Valk the ideal party for the sale and/or purchase of a multihull. 

Our Network
Our network In Europe, De Valk Yacht Brokers has a large number of offices where highly skilled yacht brokers work with great passion. So there is a good chance that a boat to be sold is close to a local De Valk office. 
That is why De Valk Multihull cooperates with local De Valk offices regarding the intake, sale and sales handling of sailing and motor catamarans or trimarans. 
Outside Europe, we work with local partners where necessary. 

Feel free to call (or email), it does not have to be only about buying or selling a multihull, we are happy to share our full knowledge and therefore contact Ger Bayens for all your mulithull questions.


De Valk Multihull